10 Corporate Holiday Event Looks – Classic With a Twist

need a fantastic look for your corporate holiday events! Why? Your choice of outfit sends a positive or negative message about your personality outside of work. source

Many companies are embracing updated technology and updated business ideas including social media, and social responsibility in order to attract a younger, millennial customer. One way to show you are able to help your company move into the future is to align your personal style brand with your corporate brand. Your corporate holiday function is an opportunity to do this.

One major rule according to celebrity fashion stylist and editor Dawn Del Russo; go easy on the glitter and sparkles. Instead opt for classic looks. The holiday season may seem like the perfect time to go for your sparkly dress, but it probably isn’t. source

Here are ten classic look ideas with updated holiday twists:


1. Skirt and Sweater Combo– But no holiday sweaters, even if they are designer! Also try to avoid anything  that showcases holiday animals or characters to maintain your professional image. The CEO may not appreciate the humor and they can come across as tacky. (Unless you are the CEO!)

2. Day to Night Events– According to Lucky Mag – If your corporate holiday party is right after work, changing is officially Trying Much too Hard! source

The easiest outfit for this type of corporate holiday party is a sleeveless dress in a pattern or color that is not red. You can wear a  jacket over your dress for day and wear bare arms for the party.  Bare arms create an evening but not sexy look. Then add accessories.

Note: The easiest dress to wear day to night is a sheath dress.

3. Cocktail Dress –  I like the way her clutch coordinates with her dress, and the rest is simple. It says she she is thoughtful and pays attention to detail without being over the top.


4. Cape Dress- like this lace one, is a great way to cover your arms if you are self conscious about them, while still looking updated and sophisticated. Opt for a longer version or wear a shorter dress with tights, if the length is not appropriate.


5. Tuxedo Blazer – If you  prefer wearing pants, try pairing your pants with a menswear inspired tuxedo blazer like the one shown above. You will be cool, professional, and comfortable. How trifecto (perfecto times three) is that!


6. Fur Topper– If you work in a creative corporate environment, why not wear a little fur over your dress to keep you warm ? Just switch out the  boots for heels and you are good to go!


7. Fabulous Coat – Wearing a fabulous coat like this over your dress is a good idea. This ensures that any impromptu networking opportunities you encounter on the way in or out of your event are handled equally confidently.


Melissa Wilson Fall 2014 8. Rent the Runway-Here is Melissa Wilson, one of my fabulous clients, wearing a stunning Rent the Runway piece. Her gorgeous gold cuff makes the look pop. Thank you for sharing Melissa- you look amazing as always, and your husband is looking quite dashing!


9. Amazing Top and Pencil Skirt – If you are fresh out of time, dive into your closet and find a top with interesting details like this lace top. Pair it with a fitted pencil skirt and one stunning accessory.


90f1638a4f563b79a8693fcf82922b56 10. Paperbag Pants and Bow Top–  We can interpret some great ideas here. Like the style of her pants. These paperbag style pants come in work-friendly forms. Theory makes a great pair. Another trend shown here is the bow-tie trend. This type of shirt is  fabulous paired with a simple  pencil skirt.

What do people wear to your corporate holiday events?



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