17 New Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf to Work This Fall

Silk scarves are everything this season. This is wonderful news for work style.

Why? Because scarves look stylishly elegant at the office.

Convey you are forward thinking by adding a modern twist to scarf tying. Fashion forward prints add edge to your classic look. Conversely, if  you have a more casual look you want to elevate – just add a scarf. Taking an edgier look and adding a scarf creates a  more ‘modern classic’ style.

Wound around your neck once and tied.


Folded neatly and tied around your neck.


 Tied in a bow.


Hanging Loose.

Doughnut style.


Western Style.


Save your hair riding the metro style.


Tied tightly at your neck and flowing.


Wear a smaller  scarf tied at your neck with the ends left loose.


On your wrist.



Worn as a caplet (over a sweater).


Skinny scarf (matching or not matching) your shirt.


Tied low and left loose.


Pair a graphic scarf with stripes.


Try a scarf accessory.


Tied on your handbag.


Hanging long over your handbag.

For a pretty, useful scarf tying guide try stylist Lauren Friedman’s book 50 Ways To Tie A Scarf. 

Get wrapped up in this season’ biggest accessory trend!

And stay warm.




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