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10 Blanket Scarf Looks To Heat Up Your Workday Style

Even though I lived in Canada before moving to the Washington, DC area (Canadian winters can be severe), it still feels extremely cold here. In fact, last week storm Jonas broke snow records. This makes it the perfect time to don a blanket scarf – simply the name makes one feel warmer. Doesn’t it?

And bonus – blanket scarves are stylish! But, how do you wear them?

I mean – how does one wear a bulky blanket scarf and still look elegant for work? To answer that question, here are ten blanket scarf look inspirations I discovered around the web, for women in leadership:


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3 Ways To Look Selfie-Ready In Your Workout Wear

Welcome 2016! Oh my. After nibbling treats everyday during the holidays, my clothes no longer fit. Back to the gym I go. Hardcore!

This is the age of impromptu selfies (I avoid these) when you run into a friend at the grocery store, so I’ve decided to look my best at all times. Indoors and out. (Thank you, Marie Kondo)

Little problem.

I am busy taking a leadership role in my own life. I need quick formulas- especially for my workout look. (It’s so ‘grab whatever’ right now.)

Here are three quick and easy ideas for women in leadership to help you sweat sweetly:




1. Wear one great color – Simply choose a great color top – one that makes your face glow. You will be ready to tackle a dip into Trader Joes, even Starbucks before yoga class .  It also helps to be seen holding a Starbucks cup (tongue in cheek).

And if someone stops you for a selfie – a great color against your face forgives minimal makeup.

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