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How To Wear 2016 Pantone Colors To Work

For the first time Pantone chose two pantone colors of the year – rose quartz and serenity.

Rose quartz is a gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure, and  serenity is weightless and airy like the blue sky, evoking feelings of  breathing space and relaxation even in turbulent times.

They also happily remind me of my favorite spring sighting – pink cherry blossoms against a blue sky:



Rose quartz and serenity  are great choices for enhancing the mood on specific professional occasions.

For example, rose quartz  is a good color to try on a day when you are presenting on a human resource topic. And wearing serenity blue to a meeting regarding upcoming changes might encourage a sense of calm and feelings of space for those changes.

Here are some fabulous rose quartz and serenity blue looks for inspiration:


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How This One Outfit Created A Surprising Opportunity To Lean In

I want to share this inspiring moment with you. My customer Christy had a number of prominent tech industry events in San Franscico. We styled looks for each event she was hosting, as well as new client interviews, and presentations. One of the dresses we chose for Christy was this beautiful Akris piece:


Right away when Christy donned this dress, I knew it was a dress for her.  Why? Because Christy stood taller. Christy is a confident woman, but when she put this dress on – Christy owned it!   Continue Reading →

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Elle Trend Review: 7 Spring Trends That Work For Work

Spring! It promises a fresh start, fresh flowers, and warmer days. How exciting!

Another great thing about spring- fresh fashion. So many trends, but which of them work for your professional wardrobe and enhance your personal image? I reviewed’s Comprehensive Guide To Spring Fashion and narrowed down these seven ideas for women in leadership:



1. Blown-Out-Plaid – Try wearing this oversized gingham print in a shirt, dress or a skirt.

Tip: Place pattern on the body part you want to emphasize. For example; if your shoulders are smaller than your hips, wearing a top in a pattern like this will visually balance your body.

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