2017 Pantone Color Of The Year Accurately Represents Our Time

I live aways from the action. Still, I hear motorcycles rev, horns honk, and sirens wail.  A  steady stream of traffic enters the capital. It is the eve of inaugurating of America’s 45th President, Donald Trump, in a country that is divided.

It’s the perfect time to share 2017’s pantone color of the year- greenery

Greenery symbolizes new beginnings, nature and our need to move away from technology more often and connect with nature. Nature is free and not meant to be partisan, so greenery also represents freedom.

According to this Forbes article, greenery also represents our peaking awareness of the environment and minimalism. The sentiment “buy less, choose well, and make it last” plays into this year’s pantone pick.

A great color to look for in your shopping adventures, greenery shouldn’t be hard to find.

At work, a jacket, or blouse in greenery adds a fresh feel to your look without appearing overwhelming. A greenery vest would be amazing to find. Try finding a minimal necklace with a pops of yellow, rose quartz, or serenity blue for understated contrast.  Or you could go for a statement necklace for maximum effect. 

If green is not a flattering color for you,  but you love the hue – try adding a little greenery away from your face, perhaps in a skirt

Regardless of which side we are on , the fashion rule remains – a polished image always optimizes our influence.

So I’ll just keep doing my thing over here!



P.S. Readers, how important do you think image is to your particular career?

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