3 Easy Spring Style Trends Perfect For Work

You’ve Kondo’d your closet, your desk, and all your books. You’ve even Kondo’d your colleagues. Nothing but joyful energy surrounds you now. And spring is just days away,

Life is looking rosy.

Speaking of roses, florals are forever trending for spring, but this year another pattern has taken over front and center.  Polka dots.

The quickest route to confidence is a new item of clothing, so why not boost your mood with a polka dot piece. Plus, Polka dots are a quintessentially classy work wear print.

In case polka dots aren’t your thing, here are three confidence boosting spring update options perfect for work:



This soft purple hue is the next it-color. You’ll see it in knits, suiting, and even formal wear. Lavender is widely popular color in business world so it’s easy to incorporate into your workweek.

Men especially gravitate to this shade – it is my experience that men purchase shirt colors in the following order: 1) white 2) blue, 3)lavender. Lavendar is men’s first choice for a color beyond blue.

Cool skin tones rock lavender best, but anyone can wear lavender if you also wear navy, a universal shade, near your face – you too can pull it off.


Assymetrical Lines 


If you like a little edgy in your work style, embrace an off-balance silhouette next season. Asymmetrical necklines and hemlines are big for spring and summer. An easy way to wear the asymmetrical trend at work is a statement white shirt with asymmetrical detail, paired with ankle pants or a pencil skirt.


Black and White Polka Dots


Polka dots are a monochrome colorway to instant style nearly every working woman can get behind. Polka dots also offer the opportunity to pop your look with a color. What I love about polka dots is they can be worn at work with a sense of fun, or incredible sophistication and class.

Can’t wait for spring – how about you?


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