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3 Floral Prints Decoded For Business Casual’s skirt sends a modern, feminine message.

Floral prints are popping up everywhere. Dresses, jackets, skirts, trench coats, handbags socks, ties, and more come in floral.

Yet, which particular floral prints are appropriate for work? Is it the color that matters most? The size? Perhaps the fabric or shape of the floral print is key to it’s professional appropriateness?  In this post Bridget Rae, suggests the silhouette is key to determining wether a floral print is work appropriate or not. A good rule of thumb.

Once the silhouette is approved, there is one more question to answer.

What message is your floral print sending?

It is important to consider the image you need to project for the day.  Your visual message helps or hinders your next career move. Now, you might wonder, which floral print do I wear when?

Here are three messages you can send with your floral prints at work.


If you want to project a clean and modern message for your day, or perhaps presentation, look for oversized, statement- making florals. Patterns as big as a salad plate are ideal, like Bozama Saint John, CMO of Endeavor, does here.

You may also be drawn to large abstract floral prints in jacket styles like the bomber, moto jacket, or a trench coat. All of which you can wear to work, if you are in a creative work environment.

Note: colorful prints read more casual than neutral ones.


If your day calls for lunch with the boss, dinner with a key client, or a speech, you may prefer to project a sophisticated floral vibe. For luxurious and classy style, wear a sheath dress in a floral print with dark background color, like navy, gray, or black, rather than pastels.

Here, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, delivers a presentation appearing powerful yet approachable, in a floral sheath dress with a navy background.

You could also try a floral print top, paired with cigarette pants, and kitten heels for a day that includes ample walking such as a conference.


Does your day require you appear nurturing and approachable? Go for a feminine vibe like Stacey Cunningham, first female president of NYSE, does here.  Airy florals do the trick. Especially search for a floral print with a cream or white background for this effect.

Note: pairing an airy floral top will soften any of those menswear inspired pantsuits so popular this year.

Key Takeaway

Large prints read modern, dark backgrounds read sophisticated, and airy prints are feminine.

The floral print you choose creates a mood. You can use florals to help shape your day. Consider your brand message, and your typical activities first. That helps you get laser-focused when shopping.

You’ve got this!


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