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3 Hidden Costs Of Clutter


Besides a vacation, what is one top item on many people’s list every summer? Get organized for fall. For many of us, that means getting rid of clutter. Sound like you? Here is a little inspiration to motivate you:

Clutter takes up valuable mental and physical space, but can we put a real price tag on clutter?


With Marie Kondo’s popular Netflix Series, it is common knowledge there are soft costs to clutter.   The result? Lowered productivity and vitality. It’s difficult to find your way around your home or office when clutter abounds.

It’s more difficult to make critical business decisions amidst clutter too. Clutter creates excessive mental stimuli. Where did I put those meeting notes? Do I need all those (mediocre) jackets hanging in my closet when none one of them even work for my conference next week? Your mind thinks there is always something else to be done.

All this clutter leads to mental exhaustion.

There are hard costs to clutter too:

1. Doubles

Doubles: Do you lose track of what you have,  and end up buying it again?

Price: $100’s – $1,000’s

2. Unused Items

Do you forget to wear what you purchased, likely because it’s stuffed in an overfull closet? If you add up those dangling hangtags, how much have you have invested in things you’ve never worn?

Price: $100’s – $1,000’s

3. Lost Opportunities

Ever turned down a networking opportunity because even though you have a closet full of clothes, you can’t find anything to wear?

Price: Missing out on new personal and professional opportunities. Priceless.

Clutter clearing can be difficult. If clutter clearing was an easy thing to do alone, we’d all have done it.

Enlisting a professional makes solid financial sense. A professional can analyze your wardrobe inventory, and make recommendations to help you maximize the investment you already have in your wardrobe.

Key Takeaway

By clutter clearing, you reclaim valuable physical and mental space. You are empowered to create yourself each morning too, starting from a closet full of garments that serve you. Garments that increase your confidence, and help you achieve your goals because you look and feel the part.

Finally, your mind is more clear.  You can focus on creation and have more time for the things that matter most.

Wishing you clarity in style this summer!



Reader Activity: what is the total cost of hangtags and unworn items in your closet? Do share in the comments or email me!

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