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3 Office Hose Tips – Jamie’s Nordstrom Editorial Interpreted

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My Nordstrom editorial-  Makeup by Jamore Harris


This layered leg feature is a collaboration I got to do with Nordstrom for the Nordstrom October 2015 Catalog . The experience was so much fun – I am truly humbled and thankful for the amazing opportunity.

Here are a few hosiery tips specifically for career women who want to try this layered leg trend. Why? So you can jump in on the layered leg trend while staying boss-worthy, of course!

Leg Warmers – Leg warmers are perfect to keep your legs warm on the way to and from work on cold days. Especially if you ride the metro. You may even feel inspired to break out some Flashdance moves when no one is looking!

Socks, Hose, And Pumps – A look like this is great if you work in a creative field. Not big on prints? Try pairing this combo with a simple, solid color dress.

Or, why not toss a pair of socks in your tote for after hours. Not only will your feet stay toasty warm on a cold winter night- this simple little twist will keep you looking, maybe even feeling, fresh. Even after a long day in the office.


Print on Print –  Yes, you can translate this look for work! Wear lace tights with your pumps or boots, and  a  simple dress or skirt.  Switch it up on the weekend by rocking the same lace tights and printed socks.

Whichever way you go – stay toasty warm while keeping a leg up on the competition!

P.S. Would you wear layered legs? Share in the comments.



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