3 Ways To Look Selfie-Ready In Your Workout Wear

Welcome 2016! Oh my. After nibbling treats everyday during the holidays, my clothes no longer fit. Back to the gym I go. Hardcore!

This is the age of impromptu selfies (I avoid these) when you run into a friend at the grocery store, so I’ve decided to look my best at all times. Indoors and out. (Thank you, Marie Kondo)

Little problem.

I am busy taking a leadership role in my own life. I need quick formulas- especially for my workout look. (It’s so ‘grab whatever’ right now.)

Here are three quick and easy ideas for women in leadership to help you sweat sweetly:




1. Wear one great color – Simply choose a great color top – one that makes your face glow. You will be ready to tackle a dip into Trader Joes, even Starbucks before yoga class .  It also helps to be seen holding a Starbucks cup (tongue in cheek).

And if someone stops you for a selfie – a great color against your face forgives minimal makeup.



2. Wear a muted, solid color top with a fun pant – This is an easy formula to add a little sizzle to your workout style, without it being over the top.

Post- class selfie? No problem. You’re ready.

Body Type Tip: Pattern draws the eye. To balance your body visually, wear pattern on the part of your body you want to draw attention to and solid color on the part you want to minimize. So if you are bigger on top than than the bottom; for example, this combo is perfect.



3. Wear your trench coat – Wear all black gym clothes – and dial up your street style with a basic wool trench. Tuck your gym shoes into your handbag.

Now you are selfie-ready on your way to, from, and in the gym – and your social image (of a strong, in control of her life, woman in leadership) is intact.

Here is a link to the 10 best Instagram accounts to follow for athleisure wear ideas.

Here is a link to 18 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Without Exercising. One of them is cinnamon. Love!

And here is a link to the Best Smartwatches of 2016  for those of you who want one.

Happy New Year! So excited. We are going to have an AMAZING year!



P.S.  What is your secret to getting to the gym regularly? Please share in the comments!

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