3 Ways To Wear Summer Blouses Professionally In The Heat

It’s too hot for a blazer in the summer. Wearing two pieces is the way go. Although you might have a blazer nearby for indoors, or for important meetings, most of the time your blouse, and bottom is it.

So your blouse has to look polished.

There are many interesting blouse options available beyond the basic button down. Yet you may avoid these options – it’s hard to know how to wear each style.

Luckily chief stylist, Rosanna Vaulmerhausen, of DC Style Factory addressed just that topic at a recent top talk hosted at Betsy Fisher Boutique. I got to attend.

Here are three top tips for women in leadership:

1. Belted White Top – looks powerful and professional without wearing a blazer when you need that extra edge. Add a pointy toe heel to keep the leg line going. Ankle pants balance the the volume of the top. You can find a good top to belt here here, and here.

2. Boxy Silk Top – A boxy top and ankle pant combination is polished, yet fun and youthful. Slim pants are key for this look.  On trend loafers create a comfortable, relaxed, yet professional business casual summer look, sure to keep you feeling cool in the summer heat.

Good silk boxy tops here, here and here

3. Oversized Doleman Sleeve– This casual  Friday type of blouse lets the air circulate yet can easily feel sloppy when left untucked. Tuck it in a little in the front and add a belt to break your body into proportions that make sense.



P.S. What is your go-to summer professional style?

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