4 Smart Hosiery Styles For Work – And Where To Find Them

Now that the weather is cooler, hose is the perfect answer for stylish warmth at work. True, some women wear hose year-round for modesty, even though dress codes no longer require it.

And others simply like perfect looking legs so they wear nude hose year round to work and/or for presentations. 

You know what else? Hose certainly comes to the rescue when you missed a leg wax as well! (Not that this has ever happened to me…just speculating. Really!)

No matter what your reason, here are four smart hose options I like for women in leadership:

Grid Pattern Graphic Tights – This option adds style and edge to any dress or skirt ensemble. Keep the rest of your look classy and clean. to maintain a professional air of authority. You can find similar grid tights here, and a smaller grid option here.

Back Seam Hose -Back seam hose are the perfect alternative to nude pantyhose when you want flawless looking legs. They lend your look understated style. You simply must to take a minute to make sure the lines are straight down your leg.

I wear this Nordstrom brand of back seam hose, and you can find this Hue back seam hose option for 15% off right now.

Polka Dot Hose – Classy yet chic, polkas dot hose add instant dimension to your plain work dresses and skirts.  This is the pair I love to wear . There is also a Spanx version if you want extra tummy control.

Lace Hose – Totally do-able in a creative, business casual office. This Emilio Cavallini Fleur-de-Lis patterned option keeps you fashionable yet professional.

P.S. What is your favorite hosiery to wear to work?



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