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4 Modern Classic Updates – One Fresh Look

Here are four modern classics to freshen your wardrobe.  These elevated items can be worn together for business casual or an elevated casual Friday look, depending on your office environment.

Pair a crisp blouse with a stripe detail pant. For extra style, add a pair of choked up pumps. Top the look with a lightweight cocoon coat. These four items will work in place of classics you already own. The outcome: you update your style without sacrificing functionality.

Mix and match these pieces with your existing garments. For example; the bell sleeve shirt pairs nicely with a pencil skirt (particularly grey) or layered under a dress. The chocked up pumps work across the board as a pair of neutral pumps – acquire a plain black pair to replace your go to black pump to add instant edge to any tame workday look.

Pro tip: layer a basic crewneck sweater you already own over your crisp shirt. Peplum shirts, and ruffle sleeves work especially well for layering.

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