4 Summer Foundation Tips So Your Face Doesn’t “Melt” In The Heat

What did you think of the “What I Wore Last Week” posts on Facebook?

Now, let’s talk about summer foundation. There is nothing worse than when you head into the summer heat, and the sun “melts” your perfectly applied foundation. This happened last week in DC. I was heading to a client’s home to work on their closet, and you know the parking situation in DC.

Thirty minutes later, I finally found a parking spot four blocks away.

Walking the four makeup melting blocks took just enough time. Just enough time to turn my face from dewy-looking to greasy-looking. The closet session was so much fun anyway- I simply shrugged it off and got in the zone – but I vowed to research summer foundation options later.

So wether you are holidaying or working this summer, here are four foundation tips I found to give you beautiful, glowy, not greasy looking visages:

1. Use Primer – Try using primer to keep your makeup in place. According this Allure article, all you need to do is apply a pea-sized dot to your moisturized skin before you apply your concealer and foundation.

2. Use concealer only; skip the base – The same Allure article suggests not using foundation at all. Simply use concealer to cover the spots and blemishes you want to hide. The best concealer for this job is a densely pigmented, but not liquidy formula.

3. According to this Elle article, if you want to even out your skin tone in the summer, opt for tinted moisturizer. The article suggests Lancome, but I found this super helpful list of 13 best tinted moisturizers for you. I personally liked the sound of Nars because it promises to even out your skin tone over time – which I could benefit from. There is definitely something for everyone in this lineup.

4. Carry blotting papers – Finally, carry blotting papers.  According to this Good Housekeeping article, blotting papers are key to maintaining a dewy, not greasy summer look. Blotting papers will absorb excess oil. I might try these – the packaging is pretty, and the reviews are good.

What summer makeup do you recommend?

Stay dewy!




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