5 Amazing Spring 2015 Handbags For Women in Leadership

Having a great handbag can make your day.

But it has to be practical and functional when you are a woman in leadership.

It has to be easily accessible, fit a small laptop or iPad, perhaps a file or two, and your other daily essentials. I did a little research and here are my five favorite WIL- friendly Spring 2015 handbags.

Balenciaga came out with a work tote size of this mini tote.  What beautiful yet simple detailing.  I visualize stopping by a big client’s home for an afternoon meeting by the pool.

This amazing picture was taken by Chriselle Lim who has a style blog The Chriselle Factor. I have always admired her artistic blogging style and work ethic. She just had a baby, and this was her “push present” to herself. Great choice!

Envelope clutches are an easy way to instantly appear current. You can fit a file, iPad and essentials in an envelope clutch this size.


Pink is a hot color this season- really any shade of pink from pastel to fuchsia. This Yves St. Laurent tote is perfect for carrying all your work essentials, and looking “haute” simultaneously.


There is a bit of a Fendi craze going on right now- especially around Furbies. Furbies are little furry charms you can add to your Fendi handbag.

Also, mini crossbody bags attached to large Fendi handbags were showcased all over the runway.

I love this idea for women in leadership who travel. If you don’t like the idea of clipping it, this Fendi handbag is plenty big –  just tuck it inside.


Architectural lines and metal detailing are a trend for Spring 2015 handbags. I like this Balmain handbag because it will fitt all your work essentials, and it carries sophistication combined with edge.

For more of my favorite work tote ideas check out my Ambitious Attire pinterest board.

What is your dream work tote?




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