5 Necklace Trends You Need To Wear To Work Right Now


Vogue’s photo of bestselling Delhi-based author, Arudhati Roy wearing a pendant necklace.

Inspiration for this post came from Ambitious reader,Tara. Tara asked about stylish accessories to dress up her outfits at work. 

Necklaces are one great way to improve your look in the office.

Necklaces add a unique twist to your office basics, differentiating yours from the similar basics your female colleagues (likely) also own.

And if you are a fan of capsule wardrobe dressing, accessories set your look apart from others, and extend your wardrobe. For example, a simple dress accessorized three ways will create three completely different looks.

So what type of accessories should you choose for work?

Otherworldly anything is on trend right now. I encourage you to start by diving into your jewelry stash for any global items you purchased abroad. One might be just the right unique finishing touch to your look.

In this month’s Vogue article “Indian Summer”, bestselling Delhi-based author, Arudhati Roy (pictured above) has a wonderful spin on style. Roy says” I run away from tradition, I run away from modernity, and then – you find your own space.”

I love this approach to jewelry in the office. Relax, and look for what appeals to you to find your jewelry voice.

Here are five necklace trends to use as inspiration when accessorizing for work:

Oversized pendant necklace trend as seen on the runway.

1. Pendant Necklace – seen all over the runway, if there is one necklace to highlight in 2017 it is the pendant necklace. This necklace, especially a delicate metallic version, is a wardrobe staple that stands on it’s own perfectly, and layers nicely too.

Current pendant styles run anywhere from super chunky statement pendants to delicate chain pendants, and monogrammed initial pendants.

When you want to be subtle or conservative at work, simply choose a small gold or silver pendant

Try pairing a neck scarf with a white button down. Photo Credit 

2. Neck Scarf – a neck scarf is one of my favorite work-worthy neck accessories. I like the idea of a neck scarf because of it’s small footprint compared to full sized scarves. It’s uber sophisticated.

Neck scarves do not overwhelm even petite frames, and women with “girls”. I encourage women blessed with large breasts to try wearing the neck scarf trend in place of a statement necklace. Here are a few ways to tie your neck scarf.



A long necklace looks great with V-necklines. Photo Credit 

3. Long Necklaces- navel-grazing chains on a variety of necklines look good. But long necklaces look especially great with V-neck collars, and when paired with this season’s oh so-chic wide leg pants – the result is major sophisticated drama.

At work, you may opt for a shorter than navel-length necklace. You may want to test the necklace, for example, if you were to sit down or stand up in a meeting would it bang the table, as you lean forward?



4. Statement necklaceStatement necklaces are going strong, and I like this year’s lighter weight versions like Mary Orton’s above. Statement necklaces read less conservative, so the more of a statement you make the less traditional should be your office. Or the more established you want be in your career to pull off a big statement piece.


Bar necklace layered with a pendant necklace is subtle and chic.

5. Bar Necklace – A bar necklace is an accessory wardrobe staple that works well on it’s own, and plays well with others too. A bar necklace pairs especially well with your long necklace, and/or your pendant necklace.

Choosing a bar necklace with a dainty chain shows off your collarbone– a feminine part of your body, while being completely appropriate for any work environment.

Parting tips:

Necklaces are a wonderful way to enhance your look in the office. It’s worth the extra effort it takes to curate a necklace wardrobe.

To achieve a fashionable, yet professional look, one rule of thumb according to Business Insider, is to remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. Keep it clean and simple. So if you are wearing earrings, ring, bracelet and necklace – you may want to consider removing one for maximum style and polish.

Also, FYI, the bigger your necklace, the smaller your earrings….



P.S. 2017 is the year of “Your Best Image”. We are only halfway through the year – still plenty of time!  Please let me know how your journey is progressing. I always enjoy receiving your pictures, comments, and your questions.


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