5 No Fail Office Holiday Party Style Ideas

Office holiday parties pose a tremendous opportunity to amp up your style and share goodwill. Office parties are a low-key chance to discover new collaborators too.

But what to wear to your office holiday party can be tricky. You don’t want to come across as a bore to colleagues and clients but you don’t want to appear over the top either.

Here are five not so basic, yet elegant ideas for switching it up while looking festive and polished this season.

Velvet Crush

If you have been anywhere near a store, you cannot miss the fashion world universally crushing on velvet. That makes velvet a stylish option for holiday cocktail attire. Full-length gown versions  create a luxurious holiday formal look.



Tuxedo Dressing

Set the bar high with a tailored suit. You’ll feel comfortable and appear sophisticated at any professional holiday party. To achieve the cleanest evening look, pair your suit with a seasonal shell, or find a jacket that fastens high enough on your chest to double as a top.

If Le Smoking Suit is not your thing, you might try a tuxedo dress instead. Tuxedo dresses are chic and polished.


Go For Gold

Metallics act as the ultimate neutral for the holiday season. Sophisticated and festive, metallic is a sure bet for any  holiday business related event from the most conservative to creative.

You can opt for a dress, of course. Or, try pairing a statement metallic bottom with a holiday hued top (or vice versa). Colors such as a deep blue, burgundy, and green work well, and you could even try deep pink, they all pair well with metallics for a wintery holiday feel.

Or keep your seperates simple, and pair your metallic with a neutral: cream, grey, navy, or black.


Jumpstart Your Day

Chic and versatile, an LBJ (little black jumpsuit) can take you anywhere from the office holiday party to meeting up with friends – it’s that sophisticated, yet cool. And if you pair your jumpsuit with a blazer, you can skip the post-work change, and head straight to your event.

Now that’s getting a jump on your holi-day.



Have A Ball

The ball skirt offers myriad possibilities. Paired with a formal top all the way down to a graphic tee, or semi-casual metallic top as shown below, a ball skirt can take you to any formal gathering – from highly conservative to highly creative.

In fact, the ball skirt is one wardrobe addition that will work hard in your closet for years to come.




Now, if your choice is simply to pull out your little black dress, and carry on, then why not translate the metallic, and velvet trends into your clutch or shoe to amp up your festive style.

Happy holiday season!




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