5 Spring 2017 Cosmopolitan Trends You Can Wear To Work

I love stocking client’s wardrobes with quality basics, then adding statement pieces. From this strong foundation, it’s easy for my clients to look fabulous every season.

At the beginning of each season, I simply add a few key trend pieces to create fresh looks. Trend pieces will typically not be investment quality or carry high price tags since they phase out sooner than classic garments.

But there is an exception.

Are the colors trending during a particular season your colors? Bingo! This is your ultimate opportunity to stock up  on statement blazers, tops, coats, whatever strikes your fancy and works in your strategic wardrobe plans.

Here are five spring  trends I’ve interpreted from Cosmpolitan for women in leadership:


1. Shoulders -The eighties called, and they want their shoulder pads back, says Cosmopolitan. But first. Calling all inverted triangle body types- which is anyone who is smaller on top than on the bottom. This is your time to shine with fewer alterations, because body balancing shoulder pad enhanced jackets are out there.

NOTE: If you are a round body type – try shoulder pad details too. The shoulder pads bring the eye to your shoulders, creating the illusion of a more distinct waist for you.


2. Pink – For pink lovers its time to stock up on this season’s hot color. Particularly fuchsia. You can color block by wearing a coat over a statement dress. You can also try mixing hues of pink, layered.

Outfit idea: Try a pink sweater or jacket, layered with a neutral (i.e. taupe, grey, white) color blouse, and add an accessory in a second pink hue to keep your look professional yet updated.


3. White dresses-  A white sheath dress, or crisp white shirtdress (also seen on the runways) are classy for business casual to smart casual work style. A maxi, as shown, are great for evening, resort, and weekend.



4. Stripes- From seaside, banker, school, and more. Beautiful stripes are everywhere for SS17. The common theme is – interest. Opt for a stripe that is slightly different in color, size or detail, and you are on the right track.

TIP: This is a perfect trend for round or rectangle body shapes. With so many vertical stripe options – you are sure to find something perfectly flattering for your wardrobe.

PLUS SIZES: I like this fit and flare dress option for you – paired with a jacket in the office, and shining solo after.


5. Interesting sleeves – Yes, interesting sleeves are still going strongYours need not be extremely exaggerated. An interesting cuff or slightly wider sleeve will do the job.

Now is the perfect time to start planning your updates for the spring season- the stores are already stocking up:

And, if you are scratching your head about the state of your wardrobe, my e-book can help you get started in the right direction.



P.S. Readers, I’m curious – do you have a wardrobe plan, or do you add what strikes your fancy as you go?

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