5 Style Magazine Approved Ways To Wear White This Fall


Golden leaves fall steadily. There is a Hornbeam tree above me, and its little leaves decorate my silver patio table along Georgetown waterfront.

It’s mid-september, and plenty of passersby are wearing white.

White for 2017 is a big trend in both fashion and interior design, pointing to a desire for simplicity and minimalism in our chaotic, uncertain world. And you can absolutely continue wearing your favorite white fashions during the cooler months.

Here are five ways for women in leadership to take white into fall:

1. Add a vibrant color top to white trousers– Take it from Vogue – all white everything can get boring. So add a vibrant color blouse to a pair of crisp white pants at the office. Or try a fall hued statement blazer paired with your crisp white trousers.

2. Pair a fall hued accessory. Elle Magazine adds seasonal appeal by adding a deep green statement ring to Alicia Vikander’s white silk shirtdress on the cover of their September issue. Try coordinating a seasonal color accessory such as a necklace, ring, footwear, or handbag to transition your whites into fall.

3. Layer your white jeans with knits and great outerwear on the weekend to transition your white jeans from summer to fall, suggest Glamour. Try a black turtleneck sweater paired with your white jeans and black ankle boots. Or pair a favorite vintage tee and cable sweater.

The key is the chunkiness of the pieces you choose to pair with your white jeans that project that fall vibe.

4. Leather up – Pair a leather jacket with your white work dress to bring a fall feel to your ensemble.

5. Give it the (pointed- toe) bootBlack pointed-toe ankle boots are especially on point this season. Wear with your white skirts and dresses, particularly a white midi dress for instant fall work to weekend chic.

Hope your transitional wardrobe is falling into place.

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