5 Tips To Move Effortlessly From Desk-To- Dinner With Accessories


When you are working hard to move up in your career, there is one thing every woman in leadership is short on – time. Still, having a social life, as well as networking, are important components of a healthy career and balanced life. Here are five accessories that will make moving from desk-to-dinner a breeze:

1. Clutch it – Stash a clutch to carry for evening- so much more sophisticated and fun than carrying your handbag.


2. Stow Your “Car-To-Bar Shoes” – This is an Irish term I learned from a client (pronounced as one word, and with an Irish accent.) This term refers to shoes suitable only for walking from the “car to the bar”,  due to their extreme height. I exaggerate – but you get the point, right? Why not stow a pretty pair of shoes you love under your desk for evening – ones that definitely do not spell W-O-R-K!


3. Make a Statement – With chandelier earrings or a bold necklace.


4. Belt it– you can change your look entirely by simply adding a belt.

5. Say Goodbye to Your Hose– switch your dark hose to sheer. Or simply forgo hose entirely.

5. Have A Desk-to-dinner Prop Kit – Stylist Annie Landino suggests a prop kit to handle any last minute emergencies. Keep it in a drawer in your desk. Create your own desk-to-dinner kit with a few must haves (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, hair accessories, (bright) lipstick, pressed powder, blush, bronzer, eyelash curler, brow brush and a hairdryer, and/or flat iron (if you have room).



P.S. Readers, what tips do you have for moving from a busy day to social engagements without stopping at home?

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