6 Tips To Transition From Tights To Bare Legs At Work


The calendar says spring has officially arrived.

But spring weather is fickle.

You never know how the weather will turn from the time you leave the house in the morning to the time you head home. The day could start out warm and end up cold, windy, and rainy.

Even snowy.

So when is it appropriate to stop wearing tights to work?

Here are five tips on transitioning from tights to bare legs for women in leadership:

1.  The 50 Degree Rule – New York based Glamour editor Sophia Chabbott has one simple rule that once the mercury dips below 50 degrees, the tights come on. When it surpasses 50- the tights come off. source

2. A Foolproof Formula-  you may want more gray area- less of black and white rule. So I found Lucky Magazine’s  “foolproof formula”:

  • If the day’s temperature high is somewhere in the 60-degree range, by all means, lose the tights.
  • If the temperature will be in the mid-to-high 50s and sunny, no tights. Just throw on a trench for the cooler morning commute.
  • However, if it’s in the 50s and rainy/cloudy/windy, tights are recommended.
  • If it’s 70 degrees or above—no matter what the expected precipitation—you should certainly go tights-free!

3. Let’s Touch on Black Tights- One thing about black tights is they don’t really coordinate with most spring looks. Try switching to color tights, or lace tights which provide a little more warmth then bare legs. Note that color and lace may be a little too trendy for your office. You could tone things down by wearing a conservative outfit such as a knee length pencil skirt, neutral blazer and basic pumps. source

4. Start Prepping Your Legs – with lotion and self tanners to get ready for the switch to bare legs – your poor legs have seen no sun and very little air since November! In this New York Post Article, Jeannie Mai, the host of Style Network’s “How Do I Look?” recommends Nars Body Glow ($59.99; because you can put on one layer for a sun-kissed look and add multiple layers to look like you have a deeper tan.

5. Wear a Trench – Long trenches are big this season, and trench coats are perfect for looking sophisticated while keeping your legs warm!

6. Transition with Nude Hose– Yes I said it. Sometimes your spring outfit doesn’t look right with tights, so wear nude hose to create a layer of warmth. Although nude hose is considered outdated – For style’s sake this is a time to make an exception! But please promise me – as soon as the weather warms up you’ll take them off!

On a final note- if one day you stop wearing tights, and happen to be the only one in the office with bare legs, hold your head a little higher and be a leader –  style is about breaking  the rules and, after all, you are a woman in leadership.

When do you think it’s appropriate to stop wearing tights to work?



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