8 Ways For Busy Executive Moms To Stay Stylish Not Frumpy

I have noticed my executive clients who have families sometimes let their own needs, such as beauty and wardrobe updates, take a backseat as they accomplish at work and at home.

Does this sound familiar to you?

As you work hard and do a great job juggling family, work, and extra responsibilities – team building, networking, and travel might chip away at your time, and energy too. Then, as your children grow up, getting the kids off to college, and assisting aging parents are often added to the mix. It’s easy to see how one day, you might look at yourself, and your closet, and feel utterly dissatisfied with what you see. What happened to the polished powerful woman?

If this describes you, don’t despair – you are going to be fabulous again in no time.  Here are eight easy instant fixes to jump start your style:

1. Have great hair like Anne Sweeney, Board of Directors – Netflix. Your hair is the crown you wear everyday. A simple, flattering haircut can take years off your look, and immediately improves your overall appearance. I urge you…book a hair cut and color immediately. You’ll feel more polished in an afternoon.


2. Invest in a great dress – A great dress is easy to throw on, and immediately lifts your mood and appearance. Invest in a great new work dress for maximum mood and style elevation.

3. Highlight a waist – Highlighting a waist is always the goal when moving from frumpy to fabulous. Highlighting a waist, immediately adds shape and polish to your look. If a belt does not work for you, try a jacket that nips in at the waist.


4. Buy a pump in an different color than the rest of your wardrobe – this is an easy way to infuse your closet with a fresh spin. Take a look at the contents of your closet and note what color is dominant. Then, invest in a shoe in an opposite or complimentary color. It will instantly pop your looks, and elevate your mood.

5. Keep it colorful yet simple like Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO. starting with a base of black and adding colorful jackets like Sheryl Sandberg does, keeps getting dressed simple yet stylish when you are a busy executive balancing career and family responsibilities.

6. Wear pointy toe flats like First Lady Melania Trump. pointy toe flats elongate your leg line, creating a stylish overall look without wearing a heel. Add a trench for maximum feel-good polish.

7. Wear pumps not block heels like Melinda Gates – co-founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Block heels are very much in style, and I am a big fan, but the look can easily move into frumpy territory if not executed correctly. To immediately remedy the situation, wear a pair of classic pumps until you have time to review and update your wardrobe properly.

Key Takeaways

Lack of updates to your closet results in one day disliking everything in your closet. This affects how you feel about yourself and how others see you.

Even if you are a busy executive mother with no time, it is possible to move back towards looking polished in a few quick moves. You will immediately notice a difference in your mood and in the way others interact with you. Then, when you have a chance, update your wardrobe more completely.

For more help updating your wardrobe, useful tips, and questionnaires download my free ebook.

Happy mother’s day!



P.S, What tips do you have for other executive women to juggle self-care, career and family?

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