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One Marriott VP’s Secret To Staying Professional: Her Office-bag


VP Roz Winegrad in the dining room of her Bethesda home, showing us her new office-bag

Roz Winegrad decided she’d had enough of schlepping. That’s how the office-bag was born.

First, let me share this with you:

Roz negotiated her way at  Marriott from Manager in Training and Assistant Food Production Manager in 1985, to the senior executive suite. Truly ambitious when you work for the world’s largest Fortune 500 hotel chain, don’t you think?

Today, as Marriott International’s VP Owner and Franchise Services, Initiatives, Communication and Business Support, Roz Winegrad needs to maintain a professional, organized image while moving from meeting to meeting throughout her day.

That’s where the office-bag comes in.

Because let’s face it – women’s wear (work or play) does not have as many usable pockets as men’s wear. 

I caught  up with Roz to get the low-down on her new office-bag:

A: What made you decide to carry an office-bag?

I wanted to look more “put together” throughout the day as I go from meeting to meeting. I generally carry a binder, laptop, my phone, ID and a drink; i.e. Venti Starbucks.  With my hands so full, I found it difficult to manage and tended to drop things, like my phone, as I  struggled  to push the elevator button or check my calendar. It was pretty embarrassing.  I thought about it…I work so hard to look professional in my attire, yet, it’s all for nothing if I  walk into a meeting looking harried because of the items in my arms.  It’s a real “moment of truth” that I wanted to improve upon. Most men just carry their phone in the pockets, and one other item.  Or, perhaps, a slim laptop bag on a long strap…doesn’t work for me.


Close-up of Roz’s Office-bag

A: What did you look for when selecting your  office-bag?

I looked for a bag that had structure and style and wasn’t too big.  I am pretty petite, and wanted a bag that complemented my “size” but also had ample room for the items I walk around with while at work.

A: How have your colleagues reacted to you carrying an office-bag?  

Some of the women at work and I have chatted about it. I don’t know if it’s starting a new trend, but I will tell you, it’s made my life a lot easier.


Roz’s Henry Bendel New York Office-bag


A: What leadership advice do you have for other women looking to move up the corporate ladder?

I think that maintaining a relevant, contemporary yet professional appearance is critical to your image (and to self confidence). The quality of your work, the interpersonal relationships you maintain, and your ability to take on challenging opportunities and successfully execute on them is critical to developing your personal brand. Opportunities will follow if these are in place.

A: What else do you want to share with our readers? 

Work with Jamie!

A. Thanks for the plug Roz ! 

The end.

If you like Roz’s  office-bag here is a link to a similar Henry Bendel- New York tote.

Readers, do you, or any executives you know carry office-bags, or their handbags to meetings?




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