Flattering Coats For Your Shape

As the mercury drops, your winter coat is your single most viewed wardrobe item. If your coat doesn’t fit your shape, you tend to look frumpy instead of polished as you move in and out of the office, and to and from business engagements.

In the interest of creating a fabulous sartorial experience for all – I found flattering coats for every shape.

Click on any coat to discover more, or use these tips as a guide when you search for the perfect winter coat.


If you have a narrow  frame, a long tailored jacket will flatter you. Belt your coat to create additional curves. Use the belt the coat comes with, or try adding your own for professional sartorial flair.

Look for military inspired detailing such as epaulettes, a double row of buttons, or peplum to enhance to add drama and curves:


If you are curvy, accentuate your smaller waist compared to what’s on top and bottom. How? Look for coats that are nipped in at the waist.

Wear a coat that hugs your body to appear perfectly polished:



If your are on the smaller side, your ideal work coat ends above the knee. You need to accentuate your frame without adding bulk. Look for coats with clean lines. Framing your face brings the eye up and makes you appear more statuesque.

Make sure the sleeves are the appropriate length too, so the coat doesn’t dwarf you as you run into the Big Boss in the elevator.



If your bust, waist and hips are close to the same size, the best coat to look for is one with visual accents such as seams, darts, and lines at the waist.

Ideally, wear lighter colors on the outside and dark solid colors on the inside for the most flattering silhouette. Medium sized patterns work well too:


Bigger On Top

If you have broad shoulders, or your shoulders are wider than your hips, look for coats with v-necks to elongate the upper body and draw the eye down instead of across. Belts at the waist are great to define your waistline. Bulk at the bottom like pockets, or extra fabric work well to add visual weight to your bottom half.


Bigger on the Bottom

Look for coats with visual interest up top like epaulettes, and wide collars.  Fit and flare type jackets work well to create a nicely proportion top and bottom . You will sail through the halls at work with pure confidence.


Stay warm and stylish, everyone!



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