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My Theme Word For 2019


Each year, instead of chasing goals, I focus on a theme. This theme creates clarity around decision making. With less pressure to reach specific targets, it’s much easier to choose what to pursue as opportunities present themselves throughout the year. This method helps me get closer to creating a life and business I love.

In 2018, my theme was minimalism. Luckily.

Because I could barely get out of bed. I guess I am not the machine I treated myself as? There was no option but to heal, while running the business – I had just launched my business full time.  I reduced my duties to  “essentials only”. I spent hours and days researching wellness to heal myself, while serving my clients. One prescription for healing chronic fatigue is to get eight to ten hours sleep per night. Getting all that sleep, de-stressing, and eating well took up plenty of resources. Continue Reading →

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