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Sea Of Pink: 3 Signature Style Lessons From The Women’s March

I am happily swamped with work and clients this month, and I am grateful to have still made time for a brief, much needed, weekend retreat in Pennsylvania. I feel rejuvenated, ready for what spring has in store.

Speaking of March.

Remember the Women’s March? Wow! Not simply “wow” because of the Women’s March massive worldwide turnout – but because of it’s, perhaps accidental, branding with pink pussyhats. What a great example of the power of style to brand a message.

Here are 3 lessons that can be applied to personal style branding that I took away from the women’s march:



1) Pick an appropriate symbol – Since pink is the ultimate feminine color, it was a perfect choice for the women’s march. Pink represents caring, compassion and love. By wearing pink hats, the women’s march instantly created a brand that stood for those qualities. 

Chose a symbol for your personal style congruent with your message. Think of how you want others to think and feel in your presence.  For example, If your goal is to be seen as more credible, wear a watch. Even though we have clocks on our phones, a watch adds that extra detail of style and credibility Continue Reading →

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Hillary Clinton’s Run and the Presidential Glass Ceiling


Photo Credit: The Political Insider . April 2016

   Moms and daughters gathered under the glass ceiling of the Javitz centre to watch the election results come in on Tuesday November 8, 2016. They expected history to be made.

The first female President of the United States.

Unfortunately, the metaphorical glass ceiling still stands.

What Hillary achieved shows how far we’ve come, but we still have work to do. As I read Slate’s July article The Hillary Haters, three points struck me since the election favored Donald Trump. These three points parallel barriers I often hear from women in senior management in corporate America, and my own personal experience.

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Finally a Mother – Former Lehman’s CFO Erin Callan Is Not Leaning In

Erin lost herself in career, and what saved her in the end was finally becoming a mother.

Every ambitious woman can relate to Erin Callan’s story

Erin Callan, former CFO of Lehman Brothers, and highest ranking woman on wall street during the financial crisis in 2008, gave up her personal life in order to get to the top of the male dominated financial industry. 

Erin shares her experiences in her new memoir Full Circle.

Erin had a male dominated “no interference” approach to work. She saw having a child as an efficiency challenge. She even started on the adoption route once at age 39, not because she couldn’t conceive but because she would not be out of work for more than a couple of days.  At the time what she saw was that children and family did not slow down, or make any of her male colleagues lose focus. Continue Reading →

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