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Top 5 Ways To Explode Your Personal Brand With Videoconferences

Most of us are no stranger to pulling out the laptop and working from our home office or kitchen table at least occasionally; the past 10 years have shown a 91% increase in Telecommuting, also known as work from home (WFH).  

WFH is at an all- time high during the  COVID-19 pandemic. If you were not one of the millions of Americans who already worked from home; you are probably working from home right now. As corona virus precautions are implemented, WFH is mandatory for much of the global workforce. 

Virtual Reality and AI are the Future

In the past, two major concerns for employers about WFH were distraction and loss of productivity. Studies like this one prove these concerns were unfounded. On average, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than office workers. With results like that, there is little doubt today‚Äôs surge could lead to increased opportunities for employees to continue remote work. Fast Company recently predicted that virtual reality conferencing will become the preferred method of communication over face-to face meetings in the future. Bill Gates suggests the future is now.

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