10 Questions To Ask Yourself When De-Cluttering Your Closet

Having an amazing wardrobe helps you feel like a million dollars every day.

For this reason, de-cluttering your closet is often therapeutic. Getting started can be a bit of a road block, but once you get going it’s fun.

Here are ten questions you can ask yourself when you are on the fence about tossing a piece in your closet:

 1. Is it too small? If so, toss it. Embrace the now, and the size you are today. This will give you more confidence to make changes for the future.

2. Is it’s too big? If altering won’t help, toss it. You will look your best when pieces fit you well.

3. Hasn’t been worn for two seasons ? It’s best to toss it.



4. Is the piece ripped or stained? If so, out it goes.

5. Does it represent the brand image you want to portray? If the answer is no, toss it.

6. Does the fabric look worn? Toss the old, make room for the new.


7. Does the piece bring back high school memories? Anything in your closet more than ten years old needs to absolutely go. Five years is even better. Unless it is an absolute favorite piece. Then keep it- I get it.


8. Does the item not give you a good feeling? Say goodbye! Go with your gut feeling. Try not to spend too much time on any one piece. Memories are attached to clothing- both positive and negative. This is a great opportunity  to release unwanted bags and baggage.

9. Do you have three or more of essentially the same thing? Perhaps toss your oldest and/or least favorite.

10. Does the garment not make you feel pretty, or powerful? If the garment does not do one of these two things, preferable both, I suggest replacing it with something that does. After all you only have one life to live!

Now all the clothes in your closet are amazing right? Or they serve a purpose to make you look amazing?

You are now one step closer to creating an all-star team out of your wardrobe.

“To be the best you have to accept only the best”, as Steve Jobs would say.

For more details on the process of clearing your closet check out 4 Easy Steps To a Clutter free Closet.

Now I need to go check on my own wardrobe situation.

What piece can you not let go of in your closet?



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