Elle Trend Review: 7 Spring Trends That Work For Work

Spring! It promises a fresh start, fresh flowers, and warmer days. How exciting!

Another great thing about spring- fresh fashion. So many trends, but which of them work for your professional wardrobe and enhance your personal image? I reviewed Elle.com’s Comprehensive Guide To Spring Fashion and narrowed down these seven ideas for women in leadership:



1. Blown-Out-Plaid – Try wearing this oversized gingham print in a shirt, dress or a skirt.

Tip: Place pattern on the body part you want to emphasize. For example; if your shoulders are smaller than your hips, wearing a top in a pattern like this will visually balance your body.



2. 70’s inspired suede- A suede pump, or suede belt is the easiest way to incorporate this trend into your workwear.



3. White Shirt Redux- Who doesn’t love a crisp white shirt? Find this wardrobe staple in an interesting style, (It will be easy. They are everywhere this season!) and pair with your favorite pants or pencil skirt.



4, Marled Knits- try wearing a thin sweater with a little texture paired with a skirt, as shown above.



5. Orange- In the professional world, especially in Washington, DC, a little goes a long way with a bright color like tangerine. How about adding this color in an accessory such as earrings, necklace, belt or shoe and add a touch of excitement to a neutral color palette.

6. The Flat Mule- Flats are in style and we couldn’t be happier! Try investing  in a mule like one of the last two on the right for an updated look (if your work dress code allows an open back flat.)



7.Light Weight Denim- For casual friday, a lightweight denim dress or pencil skirt is an elevated alternative to denim jeans.



P.S. Would you wear these trends to work?


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