Guide: 3 Instant Spring Updates

What a wild ride Mother nature threw at us this year. From 80 degree weather in February, to a blizzard in March,  and regular temperature swings of up to 30 degrees daily. As we head into April,  I am hoping for more consistently warm weather. Can’t wait to pack up those winter sweaters, ditch the opaque tights once and for all, and start baring a little (work appropriate amount of!) skin.

Of course, with spring comes taking stock of our wardrobes, and adding a few staples- my favorite part of course! Nothing bolsters a week of business travel, or a day of critical meetings better than key updates- they make us feel less frumpy, and more fabulous instantly.

Here are three easy updates to take charge of your spring work wardrobe like a boss:


This sun drenched hue celebrates the arrival of spring cheerfully. You may be thinking, but Jamie – that color does NOT look good on me.  No problem. You too can add a little yellow sunshine to your day – just wear it away from your face, in a crossbody, belt, or pump.

Yellow pairs beautifully with taupe, and light blue. It is possible to pair yellow with black, and avoid looking like a bee- simply break it up with white.

Reworked shirts

We have classic shirts in our closet, but this season is all about the reworked shirt.  Any little twist from the ordinary classifies your shirt as reworked, for example, oversized sleeves, bell sleeves, and exaggerated cuffs. Reworked shirts often look great tucked into a basic pencil skirt.

A reworked shirt is the perfect go-to piece when you want to look put together, yet stay cool as weather warms because a reworked shirt can stand on it’s own without a jacket.


Global Inspired

If your career requires international travel, you likely have a few global inspired pieces in your closet. Now is the perfect time to uncover those pieces and wear them. Try wearing a global inspired statement jacket to an event, or wear a stylish ring, or bracelet with a global vibe for fresh spring ’17 style.


Happy Spring!



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