Why The Internet Loved Hillary Clinton’s White Final Presidential Debate Outfit

Hillary Clinton showed up to the final presidential debate in white. In October?

Clearly, Clinton read the trend.  

Each fall we revisit the question, “should you wear white after labor day.” Each year the answer is a little grayer. Whiter, actually.

This year – Hillary Clinton broadcasted a resounding yes to white after labor day with her debate look by Ralph Lauren. You can easily adopt the white trend at work too, as I demonstrate in this post. Still, while Hillary Clinton interpreted the trend, she stuck to her signature style – the famous pantsuit. This kept her message congruent. 

Was it a risky move? Yes.


Photo: Fortune.com

Was it bold? Absolutely. And the internet loved it, according to this Fortune article.

Photo fortune.com

This twitter snapshot says it all: “Hillary so boss, she wears white after labour day” @jerryjamesstone. The thing is, we are seeing white outfits everywhere:


Photo: whowhatwear.com

Scandal’s Olivia Pope “fixes” political messes wearing head to toe white.

Photo: Vanity Fair

Claire Underwood, another political heavy hitter in House of Cards, wears all white regularly. In the popular Netflix series, there is even an episode she wears a white skirt suit on stage.


Photo @lawyersfashion

Lawyers are typically conservative. We see the suggestion of white pants in this October post by @lawyersfashion. Interpretations of these looks trickle down into the office.


Photo @nytimesfashion

New York Times Fashion caught this look showcasing white by @camilacoelho and posted the outfit suggestion this month.

Stylist Tip:  The trick to mixing light neutrals – vary the textures.

Photo @chrisellelim

Blogger, and youtube star Chriselle Lim shows us how to wear white for fall smart casual looks.


Photo @camilacoelho

And Camila Coelho takes white into evening with this gorgeous jumpsuit.

So go ahead, wear white this fall and winter. Wear it your way. Anytime, day or night. Even on the weekend.



P.S. Readers will you brave a white pantsuit, or skirt suit at work this fall?

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