How I’m Speaking My Truth in 2018

How are you?

Last year was incredible: it encompassed the proverbial best of times and worst of times. Here are three times that stood out for me:

First, my trip to Montreal in October for a family wedding where I was able to see many family members for the first time in years. It was an amazing experience I am grateful for.

Second, the resurrection of the pantsuit, because a pantsuit can offer easy power to the wearer. And let’s face it, a great pantsuit is cool (read, not the dull grey or black ‘intern’ type first suit). Very grateful for this.

Third, the impact women had in the space between the Women’s March January 2017 and the 2018 Women’s March this weekend.  Significant progress has been made in making sure every girl knows she has a voice and that she can use it.

How Women Can Use Their Voices

There are as many ways women can use their voices as there are women. After all, as Oprah said in her Golden Globes speech earlier this month – speaking our truth is the most powerful tool we have.

The midterm elections. The New York Times said “Progressive women are eager to build on the (#MeToo) movement and translate their enthusiasm into electoral victories in this year’s midterm elections.”

On (an online community of 1,000,000), one member suggests: “The ONLY way to stop sexual harassment in the world is to have more women in the top executive positions, in the White House, in power, in all aspects of our lives and all over the world. ”

So how is it looking?

Report Card: Women On Fortune 500 Boards

Women were appointed to 27.8 percent of director seats that came available in 2017. According to The Washington Post, that was actually a small 2% decline over 2016, reversing a seven year upward trend.

This resonated deeply for me.

In the words of John Lewis.” If not us who?”

So, I am moved to use my voice to research barriers to achieving gender equality in the boardroom.

I have seen and felt the effects of the boys club firsthand during my ten years in corporate Canada in the male dominated technology space. Although I made some good male friends during this time, the experience as a whole led me to embrace the empowerment of women.

Maintaining a polished image was key for me to navigate the corporate world successfully – it was an obvious direction for me to build a new career six years ago.

But it’s time to move beyond the fitting room and include the boardroom in my contribution.

Beyond the Fitting Room in 2018

In 2018, I am researching ideas, based on my personal experiences and posting my findings here on the  site. I will continue, of course, to write about professional style tips and trends, and to work one on one with clients too.

Please share your take. Your ideas on topics are most welcome. You inspire me to contribute more, and I value your input. If you want to be added as a resource, let me know. It certainly  takes a village.

Thank you so much for being part of my journey.

To a more equal, enlightened, and elegant 2018!



P.S. What is your takeaway from 2017? Please share in the comments – I’d love to hear.

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