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How To Buy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Style You Won’t Regret

Anniversary Blog Post Pic
uring Nordstrom Anniversary Sale one year, my favorite slogan was: “You’ll only regret the things you didn’t buy”. It’s true.

Later, I laughed as the returns piled in post-sale.

Buy now- decide later, is the stress-free route to take. Nordstrom has a non-expiring return policy, so you’re covered. 

Another reason to love Nordstrom. 

In addition to the fun, festive atmosphere of shopping for new fall fashion in the middle of July, (thank God for air conditioning, and what a great excuse to escape the heat) I love Anniversary as a tool to help my clients invest in quality wardrobe basics for fall, and perhaps add a special designer find or two at amazing prices.

The public sale starts July 21rst. And prices (really do) go up August 6th.

Here are three DIY tips to tackle Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like a pro:

1) Focus on versatile key pieces you can mix into your wardrobe easily, and add favorite new finds closer to the fall season. You’re going to want that perfect light grey layering sweater when the weather cools. It’s going to look awesome once it’s styled. Trust me.

2) Think in terms of a capsule wardrobe when purchasing. Focus on building your cold weather basics if the trendier offerings do not appeal. You can insert your “wow pieces” closer to the season. To pick your color pallet try these tips and if you want help creating your own capsule wardrobe, look out for my upcoming e-book on how to maximize your ROI with capsule wardrobes.

3) Focus on footwear. Nordstrom Anniversary is an especially good time to focus on footwear. The choices are always amazing – especially for boots. Time after time I heard customers, colleagues (and myself!) say, “I was going to buy those boots at Anniversary, I can’t believe I am paying full price now!”

As I shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for clients, I will share favorite items I covet right here on the site. Stay tuned!

Happy Anniversary!



P.S Readers, share your favorite finds in the comments below. I want to see!


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