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How To Increase Your Visibilty At Work

Do you deliver results for your organization yet feel like no one really sees you? Did your boss and colleagues regularly acknowledge you in the past, but now you feel overlooked? It may seem like you’re suddenly invisible, which can lower your confidence, and reduce your effectiveness at work.

Here’s the truth.

An attractive image propels you to more professional success.

Good news; having an attractive image does not mean you have to fit a mold. There is no one right way. Your professional style can be unique to you. An attractive image also does not mean you have to be particularly attractive. You simply need to be well groomed and thoughtfully dressed. 

Career superstars typically have a personalized, polished image. Take these three high achieving women, for example, Stacey Cunningham, NYSE’s first female president, consistently newsworthy Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Admiral Michelle J. Howard,first African American Woman to command a U.S. Navy Ship. All three women have distinctly different styles that work for them.

Image masters at AICI Global 2019 ,(the image consulting conference I attended in April) reinforced this truth about appearance. A poor image can ruin your chances of getting the job you want, high level clients, promotions, and even dates if you are single.

Luckily, being visible is simpler than you think.

Here are five simple ways to make a lasting impression and come back into focus at work:

Brand yourself with an accessory item. 

Pick an accessory item, and make it your signature. It could be red-framed glasses, a man’s watch, brooches on blazers or maybe you’re known for your scarf collection. Choose it and wear it every day.

Define your eyebrow line.

Women this one is so easy you can do it tomorrow and reap the benefits of increased visibility. You can go to your bathroom and do it right now. Shape your eyebrows (you can get this done professionally for under $20), and fill them in with an eyebrow pencil in your color. This line frames and brings attention to your face.

Work within a theme to create more presence.

Every work outfit should have a theme.  Each item within your look relates back to that central theme. Including your accessories. Be sure your jewelry relates to one another. Wear earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and rings that blend well together or repeat a theme. And don’t wear all of the above in one outfit – less is more when it comes to executive presence.

For example, combining artistic beaded earrings which are on trend right now with a classic tennis bracelet creates dissonance in your audience.

Add dimension to your hair color with lowlights or highlights.

Ask your hair stylist for the best shade to compliment your personal coloring. Coordinating your highlights to your personal coloring brings your face into sharper focus. Another way to improve your image is to ask your hair stylist for products that will add shine to your hair.

Consider too, it may be time for a complete style change. If this point resonates for you, perhaps ask your stylist to add some angles or give you a modern shape.

Wear quality fabrics.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your clothes, but they do have to look more expensive the higher up in your industry or organization you climb. Cheap fabrics bring the wrong attention. Upgrading your clothing items to the next level of quality goes a long to create executive presence and gain back visibility at work.


If you are feeling overlooked, take a peak in the mirror. Ask yourself gently, are a few tweaks to your appearance in order? You can get back on track towards the acknowledgment, promotions, and even the love you deserve with a few image adjustments.

After our transformational work, I notice my clients typically get so busy shaping their organizations that after a few years, these clients need a fresh update. These women (and men) typically move to new heights in their career too, which often means telling a new style story too.

So, come out of the shadows and get noticed once again for the fierce professional woman you are. Start with these simple tips. I guarantee you will notice a difference in how people relate to you immediately.

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