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How to Update Your Wardrobe With Fall’s Top 10 Pantone Colors

With the new season, a change of style pace is inevitable.  Of course, you can shop for a whole new look, or you can simply dive into your existing wardrobe to achieve your fall vibes.

Either way, wearing a few key seasonal items makes all the difference.

Your fall vibe creates the difference between feeling ready to tackle power meetings, and networking opportunities (even ones with colleagues), and feeling out of step because you are not feeling comfortable with your choice of attire.

An easy place to start updating your image is to determine what colors are being shown for the season.

Here’s my secret.

1. Use as a guide


Besides studying what is being shown on the runway and interpreting what I see for work style, I like to head over to  I review their top ten fashion colors for the season. (Fall 2017 shown above)

Having this chart makes styling easy because the Pantone colors mix and match nicely. I recommend using this Pantone color chart for inspiration when you are working your wardrobe this fall.

Note Pantone’s Brexit – for the first time, Pantone created two top ten seasonal color palettes, one for New York, and a separate one for London. The palette I share here is New York’s.

2. Start In Your Closet

You likely have some of this season’s colors sitting in your closet.

By using the above chart for ideas, and simply switching how you combine those colors, you can quickly bring your look up to speed without stepping into the mall, or clicking on-line.

3. Add One Key Color

Adding just one key color will wake up your wardrobe instantly. For example if you have a beautiful Tawny Port hued dress hanging in your closet, perhaps look for a Ballet Slipper hued add-on like a belt, shoe or jacket.

Let’s say you invest in a Ballet Slipper shoe to pair with that Tawny Port dress. Now that you’ve introduced Ballet Slipper, you see it will also pair nicely with Butterum, according to the Pantone chart. Look for a Butterum piece (a secondary color I commonly see in closets) to pair with your new Ballet Slipper shoes. These two pieces are the backbone of your second, updated outfit.

4. Remix 

You may have not mixed two colors from your existing inventory together prior – but now mixing your Butterum piece (say it’s a jacket) with your Tawny Port dress creates a third look. Three days of your five day week are infused with new style by simply adding one current color, and remixing what your already own.  How can you not feel more ready to negotiate those important moments from a place of personal power.

5.  Conservative or Creative?

Pantone’s color picks transfer easily to the most conservative office – simply apply the brighter shades sparingly. For those of you in creative offices, the ten interesting pantones mix and match perfectly. No need to hold back – combine away.

Some of my favorite combos are Neutral Grey and Ballet Slipper, Grenadine and Tawny Port, Autumn Maple and Butter Rum, Tawny Port and Autumn Maple.



P.S. What is your favorite color combination?


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