How This One Outfit Created A Surprising Opportunity To Lean In

I want to share this inspiring moment with you. My customer Christy had a number of prominent tech industry events in San Franscico. We styled looks for each event she was hosting, as well as new client interviews, and presentations. One of the dresses we chose for Christy was this beautiful Akris piece:


Right away when Christy donned this dress, I knew it was a dress for her.  Why? Because Christy stood taller. Christy is a confident woman, but when she put this dress on – Christy owned it!  

Later, I asked Christy how her trip went. Christy said she wore her new Akris dress, and paired it with a red pump for one meeting:

Christy said the man she was meeting with was visibly intimidated by her. So what did Christy do?

I asked her.

Smiling, Christy replied, “I leaned in”.

I love that Christy embraced the effect she was having on the man she was meeting with, instead of downplaying her game. Christy made no apologies. Nor did she dim her light. Christy felt a high degree of personal power in the moment, and she embraced it.

Christy went on describing how “awesome’ it was to have such a feeling of confidence and power through image. 

Humility is important, but sometimes we can mistake what humility actually is. Humility is about thinking of yourself less not thinking less of yourself. Which means not acting like you are less to make up for someone feeling intimidated by you. Maryanne Williamson says, “As we let our own light shine ….our presence automatically liberates others.”

I certainly have been guilty of shrinking  instead of shining in order to make someone else feel more comfortable. 

So, what did I learned from Christy’s story? When your presence is intimidating to others- it’s ok, even liberating, to lean in and let your light shine!



P.S. Ambitious readers. has this ever happened to you? Have your ever been in a situation where someone was intimidated by your presence and how did you handle it. Please share in the comments.



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