Lightning Round: 5 Quick Secrets to The Good Wife’s Power Look


On occasion, or perhaps for you everyday, it is necessary to pull out a power look from your style toolbox. 

For these occasions, here are five quick rules Dan Lawson (The Good Wife stylist) uses when styling the Good Wife women.  source

1. Go monochrome – a column of color makes people automatically feel stronger.

2. Add a touch of detail – a touch is key. Not a lot. And it should be feminine touch, like a wool suit with a little lace at the sleeve.

3. Have a really good bag – a good handbag is a staple- one that will carry all the things you schlepp around with you: files, phone, iPad, computer etc. Your handbag doesn’t have to be expensive – it just has to look good.

4. Take it easy on the jewelry– when going for a power look, too much jewelry can look frenetic. Stick to one significant piece: the necklace, earrings or bracelet or the ring and leave it at that—don’t even use the others.

5. Tailoring is key– have a good fit. For your next big meeting or interview consider alterations if your clothes don’t fit perfectly.

How about you? What look makes you feel most powerful?



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