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My Theme Word For 2019


Each year, instead of chasing goals, I focus on a theme. This theme creates clarity around decision making. With less pressure to reach specific targets, it’s much easier to choose what to pursue as opportunities present themselves throughout the year. This method helps me get closer to creating a life and business I love.

In 2018, my theme was minimalism. Luckily.

Because I could barely get out of bed. I guess I am not the machine I treated myself as? There was no option but to heal, while running the business – I had just launched my business full time.  I reduced my duties to  “essentials only”. I spent hours and days researching wellness to heal myself, while serving my clients. One prescription for healing chronic fatigue is to get eight to ten hours sleep per night. Getting all that sleep, de-stressing, and eating well took up plenty of resources.

Minimalism in mind – come spring, I created a capsule wardrobe . This small collection of items I loved worked together, taking significant decision making fatigue, as well as time, off my plate. With minimal effort,  I looked my best each time I stepped out in public. My confidence, energy,  and sense of wellbeing increased.

The last straw was getting sick for a whole month with bronchitis that would not heal.

I changed my diet to a healing diet, intermittent fasted to boost my immune system, yoga to de-stress, and daily mindfulness walks. A side effect effect of healing was significant weight loss.  Also, bulletproof coffee.

So in the fall, I created another capsule wardrobe two sizes smaller.

This new capsule had to address my professional wardrobe needs without breaking the bank. I’ve been sharing some of my looks on social media with you. (Instagram , Facebook)

You may be well aware of this fact I discovered newly; wanting things to be different than they are creates so much stress. The tension literally destroys you from the inside. Authenticity is key. I took self -development courses to improve the quality of my thoughts, and candlelit Epsom salt baths to relax my body. I groomed myself, and dressed nicely to lift my spirits – especially on the toughest days. And at the end of the year I felt more relaxed, joyful, and present.

Thank you for your patience if you didn’t always hear back from me right away. And to those who checked in on me – it meant a lot.

Finally, the biggest lesson I took from my minimalism theme of 2018 – the ride means nothing without meaningful connection to the people who matter most to you. Going back  home to Vancouver and spending Christmas with my son for the first time in seven years, was the highlight of my year.

My Theme for 2019

Rather than acquire additional resources, it’s time to upgrade what I already have and do what I already know ten percent better. The Acres of Diamonds fable comes to mind here.



Upgrade My Contribution

First of all, I want to upgrade my contribution to you  – my Ambitious community.  I want to share more of what I know with you, in more valuable, more organized ways.  Help you increase your confidence from the outside in, and help you reach your life goals. I have some ideas for you! We’ll see what transpires!

Upgrade My Image

Last year’s capsule wardrobe is a strong start. The basics are in place. This year I want to add accessories – unique finishing touches to bring out my unique style personality further. Ultimately my goal is to have only beautiful quality items that bring me joy, and support my best image. (Click link for my e-book on how to create your own best image)

Netflix’s new series: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has been a big hit – I highly recommend watching it for inspiration. This year I want to make sure everything in my environment is a reflection of who I am today and where I am going. That includes books, friends, philosophies, and foundational wear.

And upgraded headshots. Who else needs new headshots?

Upgrade My Confidence

Take more risks with self expression. Improve my confidence by upgrading my self talk further. Talk to myself just like I would talk to you if you were having a rough moment. Rather than chastise myself like a naughty child in trouble with the meanest teacher, lovingly encourage myself every step of the way.

Upgrade My Core

A strong core is the foundation for being grounded in health and vitality. Digestion is a key component of having a strong core for me, and one I’ve worked on that diligently. Continue. Improve my posture; weak core muscle contribute to slouching which affects breathing and overall energy levels. Good posture also helps us breath more deeply and better breathing improves oxygen to our brain. Clearer thinking is the result. Body language is affected by our core too; good posture projects confidence. Finally good posture also makes us look thinner.

I’ll take all those upgrades all day, every day! (source)

Key Takeaway:

Having a theme for the year allows flexibility to make decisions as opportunities come up, rather than following a strict set of milestones which may be outdated or unnecessary as the year progresses. The result is a path carved more in line with an overall life vision – mine being equal female representation on Fortune 500 boards, and universal empowerment through image and style.

What do you want me to upgrade this year to benefit your life and style?

Do you have a theme for 2019? If so do share – I’m intersted to know.

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