New Year Best You With My E-book #DRESSCODE



2016. The days passed slowly, yet the year flew by.

Suddenly, here we are. Happy New Year!

Even with the setbacks of 2016, women, more than ever before, are poised to make a difference. And that is what you do, Ambitious readers. I  have to tell you , you inspire me with your contribution to society.

In 2016, we sadly said goodbye to many women who impacted our lives through their contribution – including Nancy Reagan, Carrie Fisher, and Gwen Ifill.

There are also many heroines who are still here with us; Hilary Clinton set a new benchmark for women with her run for president;  Serena Williams, encouraged us with her confident, brilliant slam, “I prefer the words ‘one of the greatest athletes of all time'”; Gretchen Carlson who had the courage to sue Roger Ailes at Fox for sexual harassment, and won; Mary Barra, became the first female CEO of a car company, and led record earnings up over 100% in the last quarter of 2016. These are some of the women who shaped 2016.  They paved the way for more in 2017.

On a light note,  Zac Posen’s light up gown worn by Claire Danes at the 2016 Met Gala, displayed the awesome result of fashion and technology, when mixed with pure creativity.

When you need to stand out – remember Zac Posen is a fantastic option!

Getting in sartorial shape

I have a few goals this year. For example, I always want to be in better shape.

But the most important goal for me –  I want to help you get in the best sartorial shape of your life. When your image is aligned with your goals, you can reach optimum success more easily.

Is there a promotion you are aiming for this year? Want increased networking confidence? Or perhaps you want to project more confidence in the boardroom?

In my spare time last year, I worked on this  e-book to help you.   If you want to improve your image, whether it’s a wardrobe tweak or a full makeover, #DRESSCODE points you in the right direction. It’s free – my way of giving back.

You can download it here if you like.

If you choose to join in creating your best image this year, keep me posted on your progress. To us all making a difference in 2017 – our best year yet.

I’m off to work on my closet now.

Happiest of new years, everyone!



P.S. Who inspired you in 2016? And what is your goal for 2017? Please share in the comments!

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