Round up – 11 tips to look young and fresh from style experts around the world

1. Jacquie O’Fee

Top New Zealand based stylist and owner of Signature Style, New Zealand

“The colours you wear can enhance your total look, making your eyes sparkle and your skin glow.

 You’ll look younger and healthier without surgery or miracles.”

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2. Susan Swimmer

Fashion Features Editor for More Magazine, USA

“Accessorize. The trimmings of fashion are what the young gals love, and you can too.”

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3. Lloyd Boston

New York City and Los Angeles Stylist  and author of The Style Checklist, USA

 “Below-the-knee skirts, bow blouses, and pearls may be forever coming back into vogue, but that doesn’t mean you should put them all together…. The classics can be refreshed when you style them differently. Pair that secretary blouse with jeans, tuck a long-sleeve tee into a calf-length skirt and add a cashmere scarf, or layer pearls with a mix of chains in different lengths.”

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4. Sharyn Soleimani

Personal Shopper extraordinaire at Barneys New York. New York, USA

“Dress less finished, and you’ll look younger. When you’re very young, you can be very finished and you still look young. But when you’re more mature, imperfection looks so much better.”

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5. Liz Jones

Style contributor for Britain’s Daily Mail, Britain

“ Wear pointy toe shoes. Avoid black unless you put shiney metallic near your face. Natural nails. No chunky bobbles, and invest in a good handbag.”

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6. Jenny Bailly

Beauty Director , Allure, USA

“Adding lipstick straight from the tube, skipping blush, and over concealing under eye circles can add 10 years to your look. “

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7. Noelle Cellini

Personal Stylist and owner of the online style school Style Academy. Chicago, Illinois, USA

“No matter your bust size, height or age, go for a v-neck over a crewneck, which can make you look wider rather than taller.”

“Three-quarter length sleeves are the most flattering because they draw attention away from the hips,”

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8. Angela Barnard 

Personal Stylist of My London Stylist, UK

“You’ll feel ten times better with the right foundation garments. This is key when wearing fitted clothing. Try butt-lifting Spanx or a waist-cincher to give your curves a little help in all the right places.”

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9. Alexandra Suzanne Greenwalt

Stylist and Author of Secrets of a Fashion Stylist. New York, USA

“The key to dressing sexy at any age is not a specific style but an attitude. You must know your personal assets and play them up. It could be a thin waist, a nice derrière, a long neck, your face, shoulders, legs, wrists, or even ankles.”

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10. Lauren A. Rothman

Stylist and  author of the  Style Bible: What to Wear to Work. Washington DC, USA

“Footwear with thick rubber soles or wide, squarish toe boxes can frumpify even the chicest of ensembles. Keep feet happy with wedges (which balance weight along the entire foot), pumps with comfort features (Cole Haan and Kenneth Cole offer these), or flats with built-in arches and sturdy construction.”

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11. Margaret Sims 

Image Consultant with The Australian Image Company, Australia

” Keep your hairstyle modern. A small tweak can make you look younger and slimmer… we judge a woman’s age on how current her hairstyle looks.”

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What tips do you have for maintaining a youthful vibrant appearance?



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