Sea Of Pink: 3 Signature Style Lessons From The Women’s March

I am happily swamped with work and clients this month, and I am grateful to have still made time for a brief, much needed, weekend retreat in Pennsylvania. I feel rejuvenated, ready for what spring has in store.

Speaking of March.

Remember the Women’s March? Wow! Not simply “wow” because of the Women’s March massive worldwide turnout – but because of it’s, perhaps accidental, branding with pink pussyhats. What a great example of the power of style to brand a message.

Here are 3 lessons that can be applied to personal style branding that I took away from the women’s march:



1) Pick an appropriate symbol – Since pink is the ultimate feminine color, it was a perfect choice for the women’s march. Pink represents caring, compassion and love. By wearing pink hats, the women’s march instantly created a brand that stood for those qualities. 

Chose a symbol for your personal style congruent with your message. Think of how you want others to think and feel in your presence.  For example, If your goal is to be seen as more credible, wear a watch. Even though we have clocks on our phones, a watch adds that extra detail of style and credibility

2) Be seen repeatedly It’s important to be seen repeatedly in the same or similar color, item, or style you’ve chosen for your personal style. Not everyone, but the majority of, women, children, and even some men, attended the march with their pink pussyhats. If they did not have the requisite hats, they showed up with  simply pink hats, and if not hats, then pink. This created the image of a sea of pink, and anchored the “sea of pink” image of the Women’s March in our minds.

When you create a signature look for yourself, and repeatedly show up with it – that makes you memorable. You do not have to show up with that symbol every time – just the majority of the time. It could be as simple as always wearing clean lines, a face framing collar, or specific colors, like businesswoman Barbara Corcoran.

3) Back your signature style with action-  Witty signs, sheer numbers, and big name talent, instilled the marche’s sombre message. I remember the women’s march as peaceful, effective, and organized.

Once you have your signature style (the packaging) on track, you are set to forget it, and focus on the serious business of getting the job done – wether it’s running a critical meeting, defending in court, or a PR dinner.

The Takeaway

Branding through color and style is an effective way to package a memorable brand for yourself in a saturated marketplace. Focus on a relevant message, show up repeatedly with that message, and back it up with action to cut through the clutter and help others remember you .



P.S. How important do you think having a signature style is to your work?

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