Purse Power

Work bag solutions:


Thank you for visiting my fabulous work bag page! Three powerful reasons to carry a great handbag; 1) a quality handbag sends a signal of success, 2) it is where we keep our money, and 3) as our most constant companion, a beautiful handbag lifts our spirits daily.

These handbags are handpicked for their practicality, while being effortlessly chic and credible at work. Each will fit at least the items shown in the info graphic at the end, and many will also fit a laptop and files. For smaller bags, using an iPad mini might allow space for more of your workday items.

Please feel free to message me questions. Let me know if you pick one of these gorgeous handbags, or find another fabulous option, so I can share your ideas with all my Ambitious readers.

To your massive success and effortless style!





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