5 Signature Style Hacks From Hillary Clinton’s Iconic Style

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Hillary Clinton’s style is iconic.

How did iconic happen?

This developement proves the importance of having a signature style. I compare Hillary Clinton to advice in a recent book I read, The Power Of Style by Bobbie Thomas:

1. Style is about communication. And Kristina Shake, an accomplished communications professional, is part of Hillary Clinton’s team of image experts, according to The New York Times. For the first presidential debate on September 26th, Hillary donned her famous pantsuit uniform. In bold red, Clinton communicated excitement and power.  In red, Hillary Clinton commanded attention on the debate stage.

2. Having a signature style leaves people feeling they can count on you. At the brink of possible presidency, Clinton is evidence that regardless of your style’s actual approval rating, having a signature style makes people feel comfortable with you. Hillary maintains the same look and feel to her outfits. Consistency creates credibility.

3. Authentic style is about aligning your image – the one others see and the one you see. Hillary Clinton’s look aligns with our image of her as tough.  There are no frills, little pattern or whimsy, and some think of Hillary as the “ice queen”. Regardless of her style metamorphosis since her last run at presidency, Hillary’s conservative almost cold style  creates the aura that she can handle herself under attack.

4. Stay true to yourself. Hillary Clinton’s style has perhaps been the topic of many rolled-eye conversations. Still, Hillary Clinton sticks to what is right for her and her unique look is etched in our brains.

5. Pick a signature style – but have a range. Hillary has a range within her style. This is the backbone of her strong personal brand. She sometimes wears separates instead of a suit like the $12,500 tweed Giorgio Armani jacket she wore for her New York primary victory speech in April.  Since the Giorgio Armani jacket and pant separates had the same look and feel as her suits, Clinton acheived variety without changing her sartorial message.

The takeaway:

Hillary Clinton tweaked her style to align with her goal to become president. Clinton and her image team kept that style consistent the length of her campaign. This, paired with being the first female nominee, earned Hillary Clinton the label ‘iconic’. At least iconic according to Harper’s Bazaar.

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To future iconic you!

P.S. Readers –  Could Hillary do just as well, or better if she was styled with more feminity, or do you think her signature style is working for her just the way it is?



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