Smart Casual Jacket Style Inspired By Mary Orton

Fabulous Ambitious reader Susie asked me where she could get a jacket like the one blogger Mary Orton wore in the picture below.

Susie wants something like this to wear to luncheons.

You may like to create a fresh smart casual look like this for yourself. It’s an easy wear for any smart casual occasion, like casual Friday, and the jacket mixes nicely into the rest of your wardrobe.


Photo Credit @maryorton

So, I searched around the web and found a few great options for you:





To complete the look, choose a flattering cream blouse for your body type, jeans and pumps, or dressy flats. Try boots both short and tall as the weather gets colder, and there you have it – a fantastic, smart casual look like Mary Orton.



P.S Readers – does your office observe casual Friday or is it business, or business casual as usual?

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