Transitional Work Looks I love On Instagram Right Now

It’s not quite fall yet. But it definitely does not feel like summer anymore. What do you wear to capture the mood of September and early October in your wardrobe rotations?

I came across these fabulous looks on Instagram for you to use as inspiration:


Discovered on Instagram on @modaexecutiva

Wear a fall color with summer accessories.


Found on Instagram @maryorton

Wear cream with dark accessories and a blazer over your shoulders.


Discovered on Instagram on @dressforwork

Wear your summer wrap dress, and carry a cardigan or thin blazer in a darker color.


Discovered on Instagram @lawyersfashion

Wear a grey or taupe suit with a bright pump, and fun sunglasses.



Discovered on Instagram @stylishsophisticate

Wear a pencil skirt with burgundy sweater and handbag.



Discovered on Instagram @practicallyfashion

Wear cropped black culottes with a short trench coat.




Discovered on Instagram @thatpencilskirt

Wear a pleated skirt with both summer and fall colors.



Discovered on Instagram @dress4success

Wear a light color shirt with trousers and handbag made from a darker, heavier fabric.

Discovered on Instagram @chickworkchic

Try all black everything – but start with a great dress.


Discovered on Instagram @practicallyfashion

Wear a sweater and scarf for smart casual days.


Discovered on Instagram on @hanallei

Try mixing various shades of olive and army green. Pair with grey and black and mix up the fabric and textures.


Discovered on Instagram @modernaexecutiva

Wear your favorite color dress with a somber color handbag – like grey. To shop my favorite Nordstrom dresses in fall colors click here.



Readers – Do you have a favorite Instagram look? Please share it with me, and I might post it. Want help creating a look? Message me!

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