Welcome to my new blog!


New Year’s resolutions. I try to keep them. This year’s resolution: to start a blog about style for women in leadership (WIL). My regular job of actually styling clients, and studying have kept life pretty hectic. It’s no surprise that it has taken me ten months to fulfill that resolution.

Finally, here it is!

Besides art and fashion, I’ve had a lifelong passion for anything business-related. Wouldn’t it be great to see more women in leadership positions?

For women in leadership, the question is not only can I wear this to work? There is also the question of will this look get me to the next level? Do the clothes in my closet infuse me with confidence, represent my personal brand, and make me feel feminine?

This blog is a place to share as I research these topics and others, on women, style, and leadership.

My vision is to one day see 50% female representation on boards across America. Ambitious Attire is my (small) contribution.

Let’s create equal representation on boards and let’s look “haute” while doing it!

So here goes Ambitious Attire, what winners wear…



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