What Not to Wear To The Corporate Gym



When you are a woman in leadership, many responsibilities are competing for your attention. It’s hard to find time for exercise. Luckily, some companies have facilities on site, which cuts down on traveling time at least. When using the corporate gym however, you may run into colleagues, employees, and superiors. To help you maintain a professional image here are five things to avoid when using the corporate gym:

Worn Out Sneakers – Footwear in bad condition sends the wrong message, and is bad for your body anyway. Try to replace your shoes every 500 miles. That is about every 6-9 months. Source

Unsupportive Bras – Not only is this uncomfortable, but it looks unprofessional. A good rule of thumb is to replace sports bras every 6-9 months as well. source

Loud Ear Gear – 
Listening to your favorite music is a great way to stay motivated at the gym; however, overly loud headphones limit awareness of your surroundings. For example, if you are sitting on a piece of equipment someone’s been waiting for, you’ll want to somehow have a clue in order to maintain a professional image. source

Baggy Clothing- It may seem counterintuitive, but baggy clothing can actually be more revealing than fitted since certain yoga or even basic stretching positions will reveal your belly or upper thighs- probably more than you want anyone at work to see! source

Overly Done Hair & Makeup – If you want to wear  makeup, just choose a sheer lightweight foundation that won’t clog pores, add a couple lightweight coats of mascara, and pull your hair back. It’s an easy and functional polished look for your corporate gym. source

Finally, if you are excited to get dressed you will be more inclined to actually use your company gym in the first place. So why not find workout gear that makes you feel confident about yourself as you work towards your fitness goals.

What tips do you have for using the corporate gym?




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