Top 5 Ways To Explode Your Personal Brand With Videoconferences

Most of us are no stranger to pulling out the laptop and working from our home office or kitchen table at least occasionally; the past 10 years have shown a 91% increase in Telecommuting, also known as work from home (WFH).  

WFH is at an all- time high during the  COVID-19 pandemic. If you were not one of the millions of Americans who already worked from home; you are probably working from home right now. As corona virus precautions are implemented, WFH is mandatory for much of the global workforce. 

Virtual Reality and AI are the Future

In the past, two major concerns for employers about WFH were distraction and loss of productivity. Studies like this one prove these concerns were unfounded. On average, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than office workers. With results like that, there is little doubt today’s surge could lead to increased opportunities for employees to continue remote work. Fast Company recently predicted that virtual reality conferencing will become the preferred method of communication over face-to face meetings in the future. Bill Gates suggests the future is now.

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‘Tis the Season to Hang Up Your Workwear

‘Tis the Season of Simple Beauty.

This season, I am celebrating your individual beauty! Wishing you and your loved ones peace and a celebration of who you are this holiday season. Who have you become since last holiday season? What did you add or take away?

Hang up your workwear in the closet with care, and I invite you to contemplate those questions these final days of 2019. Whatever the answer is, it’s all perfect for the beautiful person you are today. 

Thank you for being a part of my world as I add and take away; develop and grow!

Happiest of Holidays Ambitious community! 



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We’re Growing: Celebrate Our New Website is LIVE

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I want to thank you all for your readership and loyalty since 2013. I am deeply grateful to all of you; my Ambitious Attire circle!

Exciting news! I’ve really been working hard this year upgrading my skills, and rebranding. One of the outcomes of that work is my new website featuring our services division, Ambitious Image. The website is LIVE!

What do you think?

Rosy or thorny feedback – it’s all welcome.  

To celebrate and show my gratitude to all of you who have been with me along the way, some of you since the beginning, I am offering 15% off any of my services, and 20% off when you provide feedback on my website, until December 31, 2019.

You may want my expertise to elevate your confidence from good to great for a holiday event; or image coaching; or help creating your own personal brand makeover, like I just did. All services big and small are included.

Thank you for looking, and for being part of my journey.

Click here to view my new site: Ambitious Image.

It started with you

This branding journey started with one dear Ambitious reader and client who shared that she wanted to send referrals but did not know where to send people for services information, and there was no clear message, i.e. this is what I do and what I am about.

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Top 5 Must Have Fall 2019 Workwear Trends

Yes, of course, I vetted all the fall trends for you, including Vogue’s September Issue, and selected a few simple updates to transform your fall work style.

A few strategic moves can make every event you’ve scheduled this fall with the aim of building a professional life you love, easy to navigate with confidence.

Here are five fall trends you either have in your closet and can easily tweak, or you can add to your fall wardrobe with peace of mind knowing these staples will be useful investments for years to come.

1. The Trench Coat

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3 Floral Prints Decoded For Business Casual’s skirt sends a modern, feminine message.

Floral prints are popping up everywhere. Dresses, jackets, skirts, trench coats, handbags socks, ties, and more come in floral.

Yet, which particular floral prints are appropriate for work? Is it the color that matters most? The size? Perhaps the fabric or shape of the floral print is key to it’s professional appropriateness?  In this post Bridget Rae, suggests the silhouette is key to determining wether a floral print is work appropriate or not. A good rule of thumb.

Once the silhouette is approved, there is one more question to answer. Continue Reading →

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How To Increase Your Visibilty At Work

Do you deliver results for your organization yet feel like no one really sees you? Did your boss and colleagues regularly acknowledge you in the past, but now you feel overlooked? It may seem like you’re suddenly invisible, which can lower your confidence, and reduce your effectiveness at work.

Here’s the truth.

An attractive image propels you to more professional success.

Good news; having an attractive image does not mean you have to fit a mold. There is no one right way. Your professional style can be unique to you. An attractive image also does not mean you have to be particularly attractive. You simply need to be well groomed and thoughtfully dressed.  Continue Reading →

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3 Easy Spring Style Trends Perfect For Work

You’ve Kondo’d your closet, your desk, and all your books. You’ve even Kondo’d your colleagues. Nothing but joyful energy surrounds you now. And spring is just days away,

Life is looking rosy.

Speaking of roses, florals are forever trending for spring, but this year another pattern has taken over front and center.  Polka dots.

The quickest route to confidence is a new item of clothing, so why not boost your mood with a polka dot piece. Plus, Polka dots are a quintessentially classy work wear print.

In case polka dots aren’t your thing, here are three confidence boosting spring update options perfect for work:



This soft purple hue is the next it-color. You’ll see it in knits, suiting, and even formal wear. Lavender is widely popular color in business world so it’s easy to incorporate into your workweek.

Men especially gravitate to this shade – it is my experience that men purchase shirt colors in the following order: 1) white 2) blue, 3)lavender. Lavendar is men’s first choice for a color beyond blue.

Cool skin tones rock lavender best, but anyone can wear lavender if you also wear navy, a universal shade, near your face – you too can pull it off.


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How To Wear PANTONE Color Living Coral At Work Powerfully


@metrodotstyle is an example of a creative interpretation of PANTONE Living Coral at work. For a more conservative office environment try pairing a similar jacket with black, navy, or dark grey ankle pants, and a neutral shell.

PANTONE Living Coral is vibrant, sociable and empowering. Warm and buoyant.

Yet, it can be a difficult hue for women in leadership who want to convey professionalism and authority in addition to being stylish.

Each year pantone selects a color of the year based on an interpretation of  the collective mood or trend. For 2019, Pantone chose Living Coral. Continue Reading →

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My Theme Word For 2019


Each year, instead of chasing goals, I focus on a theme. This theme creates clarity around decision making. With less pressure to reach specific targets, it’s much easier to choose what to pursue as opportunities present themselves throughout the year. This method helps me get closer to creating a life and business I love.

In 2018, my theme was minimalism. Luckily.

Because I could barely get out of bed. I guess I am not the machine I treated myself as? There was no option but to heal, while running the business – I had just launched my business full time.  I reduced my duties to  “essentials only”. I spent hours and days researching wellness to heal myself, while serving my clients. One prescription for healing chronic fatigue is to get eight to ten hours sleep per night. Getting all that sleep, de-stressing, and eating well took up plenty of resources. Continue Reading →

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